call them sick sexists
I will always love the weirdness of the pubahs

if that ain‘t be self-diagnostics what is?

I enjoyed the Labor-Party !

threesome pic taken from the francois truffaut-movie 'jules et jim'

It was a wonderful evening on 327qm in Darmstadt. The tracks of kolterrr and the other two parttaking members, as well as the organisation of glorian holtzweygh and even the guitar-bands were really…really… you can‘t find a word for it, you just had to have to be there. The names of the other members will soon be displayed here. Meanwhilst I hope to find some tracks that I can pick-out for my forthcoming radioshow „blende“ next saturday, september, 20th at 9 p.m. on radio darmstadt
…until then you will get to hear one of the three new songs which ran on 603qm live in a studiomix. It’s called threesome and is about…guess what.

Johnny Weltraum – threesome

Kolterrr and Johnny Weltraum, the new Labor-Party!


The next gig will be on friday, septemper, 5th and I’m very happy to be able to promise you that there will three (!) more new Johnny Weltraum-tracks you‘ll get to hear. But what makes me even more exited is that this live-act is gonna be with Kolter a former member of our common project Alkali-Baby, so I feel honored and my expectations are great, because the music he composes is really uniquely.
The event on 327qm is part of the monthly series of „Labor“ with Glorian Holtzweygh, with the aspect session in the fore. In conclusion of that, most of the music you‘re gonna get to hear are a rehearsals of how tracks are created. But there will be composed tracks, djing spoken words and more, too. Will you be there?

Let’s try it once again!!

Next gig is planned for september, 5th on 218qm in Alexanderstraße, Darmstadt. Hope to see you. More informations coming soon…

Ye olde Johnny Weltraum-Song…

Heavy Rotation Sampler

…comes from the heart. Attack of the Martians was released 2003 on polygame-entertainment. It belongs to a sampler called heavy rotation.