Indeed, I‘m doing music since I‘m 10. For long time from 1980 until 1990 I made independent music in bands called „Dass“ (which was punk and gothic), „A Handful of Grapes and Sawdust“, „Struthelm Stratter Overdrive“, „Der Heitere Himmel“, „Lubin“ or „Tonband“ as a singer.
In the beginning 90s I became member of another pop-project named „Prenatal Event“ and a techno-project called „KP“ which was minimal techno. Curiously, another musician in this project was a book-publisher and author who is called „okay“ by his real name.
Afterwards there was a band called „Alkali-Baby“ which made something inbetween independent and electronic pop-music. I played bass and made some electronic effects there. Other participants of „Alkali-Baby“ were Dirk Neureuther and Dotker Oekter, who had many other bands together. One of my favorites were „Lichtpausen“, a tremendous independent-music trio which were influenced by will oldhams palace brothers.
During this time my first project, called „normalonull“ came out on a CD called „schauschaum“. It was minimal melodic ambient (NO esotherics or trance). Perhaps you will get to hear it on this blog.
Johnny Weltraum, the name of my current project, is something between disco and pop, depending on which song on this page you‘re listening to.