Finally Repaired!!

On Monday, 30th my computer will be repaired. The first thing that I am going to do will be playing 1830: Railroads and Robber Barons with a friend.

1830: Railroads and Robber Barons (picture taken by

Graphically a desaster but tactically a must have. You can download it here. You also need to download the manual because of the fivefold password request at the beginning (only downer in this game). The content in short terms is (like the title says) to earn as much money as you can by method of destroying all railroad-company opponents in unfriendly takeover-style as it was and still is the nature of capitalism. Really enlightening, what designer Steve Barcia, member of Avalon Hill (also responsible for the origin game) , made in 1995 of the 1986 board game by developer Francis G. Tresham (info even available in german wiki).

Notes: If you like to play this game, youve got to do the following:

1 after installation double-click on „sound.exe“ and turn-off sound
2 right-click on „1830.exe“-file and select preferences
3 select compatibility-tab
4 choose run game on windows 95 mode
5 select storage-tab
6 choose ems and xms 4096 KB and leave the rest unchanged
7 click on take over (or ok)
8 double-click 1830.exe

If you really need to play the game with sound you are forced to download dosbox windows xp or mac

That’s it and now have fun! I‘ll have it tomorrow…

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