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Ye olde Johnny Weltraum-Song…

Heavy Rotation Sampler

…comes from the heart. Attack of the Martians was released 2003 on polygame-entertainment. It belongs to a sampler called heavy rotation.

Nationalism makes stupid!

Still need an evidence? Watch this!

Instead of a german post-third-reich-flag there’s half an Uganda-flag shown on one of german’s biggest news-show „tagesthemen“. Ridiculously enough the last words of editor and tv host Tom Buhrow in this segment are:
„…many turks living in germany find it more difficult in this match; Crossing the fingers for red-white or crossing them for black-red-yellow?“

These times there’s a big rush of patriotism running through the streets of germany which is (not only) caused by the UEFA championship. Flags everywhere you look, you can‘t prevent them except you close your eyes. And even this won‘t always help. It reminds me on something, that most of the germans seem to have forgotten. But have they? Let’s listen to the speech of the streets. Somewhere in Darmstadt after the victory Germany over Portugal in the quarterfinal of the european fottpall-championship, I heard a young drunken german (age around 17 yrs) talking in hitlers timbre:“The German Reich will strike back and will grow to it’s borders of the „Großdeutsches Reich“ from 1943.“ the most others are even able to utter „Deutschland, Deutschlaaaand!!“. Suisse TV showed the underlines of the wrong first strophe of the german national anthem, which is not forbidden but should be because of it’s geographical megalomania:

„von der Maas bis an die Memel,
von der Etsch bis an den Belt,
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!“

„from the“… (river)…“Maas“…(which runs through France, Belgium and Netherlands) …“to the“…(river)…“Memel“…(which is obviously in Belarus and Latvia)
„from the Etsch“…(which belongs northern italy)…“to the Belt“…(which describes the belt between Denmark an Skandinavia) „Germany, germany over all, over all the world“. Some people in the suisse stadiums were singing this part of the anthem. Did they know, that their country wouldn‘t exitst at all if germany had that measurements? I don‘t think so, but I know, that there were many helpers in suisse during the german Third Reich-period and I think there are still some.
Comment of a reader of germanys conservative manager-magazine Focus „shit happens…it’s time for us to create a new anthem.“ …with new borders? What about from north- to southpole? Those are borders noone can ever forget, as well as the german 1848 unsuccessful Pre-March-Revolution colours. Black-Red-Yellow, reminders on german failure?


And now it seems, that the stupid alcholized german brains have to be reminded on the row of their own national colours. Dear allied managers, please stop this lobotomized nation, before it rises more. Buy the german industry!!