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A New Egotronic-Song

…is just work in progress, but will be ready next time, when torsun comes over here.

Those three days were really good and not that hard work that we had to do with the last longplayer. We weren‘t under deadline pressure and that seems to affect on creativity. I‘m still working on an egotronic synth with reaktor that combines several syntheses and at the actual state can play up to 320 voices per sound. A mini-version, which is, to be perfectly honest, another roland 303-emulation on base of real 303 wave-samples, has been made ready and I nearly finished a new delay processor on base of the ohmforce ohmboyz-delay. As you can see, I‘m starting up the egotronic-album-asthetics from the bottom. If this won‘t work, what will?

Rampue Remix ready!


Yesterday evening Torsun arrived at Weltraum-Studios and we started working immediately. The result: Torsun and I made a remix of rampue’s great song „B├╝cher“. You can listen to it here. It was made with a Battery 909 set, Rampue’s vocoder voice and even two oscillators!


…and I did my one sentence well.

„A-U-D-I-O-L-I-T-H ahaha ha ha!!“ (Saalschutz/Grandmaster Flash)

The egotronic-song with the best feeling to my mind was XTC-Boy, because the moment when endi, kt&f and torsun went into the background to support the great voice of tina and plemo from harddisk showed up, that egotronic is not a pure party-project. I must confess, it was the first time, that XTC-Boy got into my heart…and it got deep. This was a great moment for virtual reality. No single band I‘ve seen was so real with singing from tape. It showed up, that it’s not always necessary to have a real singer, when even the music is sensitive enough. I wish egotronic all the best for their last five locations and hope all of you guys can relax well at home.
XTC-Boy was today on Radio Darmstadt. If you‘d like to hear it again, you can do that tonight at 4 am, tomorrow at 12 pm or just play the song here:


Not to mention that saalschutz rocked the club and put a magic spell on me. Yes, I‘m still sick, but I feel much better than yesterday. It was the perfect light, the wonderful sound, the nice public and the bands. Saalschutz made my ass moving and I came really sick and went out much better. That’s the real art of dancemusic. Thanx 2 my healers!! By all means, I have to buy me a saalschutz cd next month when my curse is spitting out some more cents . Indeed, the taxi-driver on my way back home took 34 Euros out of this curse, but I payed and grinned because nothing would have brought me on my knees after such a wonderful party.