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My Tomorrow’s Biggest Moments…

…will be on stage with egotronic.


Here you can see how the egotronic live-tour will continue. Hope the party will bring me a cure and I get well soon. For all those who are intersted, here is what I did last time. I hope, I can do some music very soon and guess it will be influenced by saalschutz who are also on stage tomorrow. They really rock!


Closed Door

Listen to the new Johnny Weltraum track „Closed Door“

Yesterday I finished a new track called Closed Door which is about a father-son conflict. For good reason it’s held in Marvin-Gaye-style, but in real life -as you might have guessed- my story didn‘t end up like his (lucky me).
„Okay“ from „KP“ told me, Closed Door would sound a little like prince, what seems plausible to me. But I just wanted to make an unconventionally arranged pop-song, what ended up in adding a conventional singing and conventional strings, causing well-known conventional feelings in me. I hope it can evoke the same in you.

The second song, I did, was „Hide“

Lisa Freieck

Hide is an homage to Lisa Freieck who’s music is a wonderful mixture of naive art and british folk-pop of the 60s. In nowadays one would describe it as anti-folk, what is (apart from the texts) nearly the same. I like her music very much because it is really deep and inviting. You may say it’s depressive and yes it is. But we are humans with different feelings and if you are sad, listen to her album „You can still be paranoid“. It’s worth far more than it’s price. It’s worth a smile.

The third song „Lackschild“, is the promised session with Turbo which are H.Zipf and J.Weltraum

Turbo - Lackschild

It arose of a session in new-year’s eve 2007 and was the first song we did together after more than five years, which was a tremendous experience. I know, this track could be done by a basic primary school class, but it carries a cheerful sentiment and I enjoyed H.Zipf’s bassplay very much. It’s a real loss to the world of music that he doesn‘t play more often, because his style is really singular and reminds in parts on „Eike Bohlken“ who was the best ever bassist for „Blumfeld“ but I think H.Zipf’s even better. What do you think?

A new year a, a new sideproject is born

This new year’s eve was funny. First Hagen of our former common projects „Lubin“, „Turbo“ and „Der heitere Himmel“ came along, which was present enough for me. But then we also made a new Turbo-song which will be provided on on this page immidiately. I‘m planning other indie-projects like this. They all will be shown up on a new page with another name that I‘m looking forward to host. But until then, I have to conpose more music like this. After finishing our new track called „Lackschild“ (the first track after years of producing nothing) we went on a new year’s eve event which was because of some friends were there. That we met them was really nice but the rest of the party was disguting. There were many of homophobe punx and the fireworks was unbelievable loud and stank a lot. After all we found ourselves in sulfur vapor. We tried to escape it but couldn‘t because of it was in the whole town. Next new year’s Eve I will go back staying at home and watching dvds or in a silent jazz-club. Fact is, I can‘t stand celebrating war and celebrating this event with fireworks is to my mine something likely.