Archiv für Dezember 2007

Sorry! My first gig was chaos…

…but I apologize. Here are the four new tracks you could not hear…

1. Kastanien Zertreten

2. Guitar Hero

3. Eat the Beat

4. We‘re the Funktionaries

…first of all because the devices arrived late but not in second because of some drunkaholics, who were singing german folksongs in the shuttlebus. So that’s where we are…in Germany. My special thanks and sorry goes to Silvana and friends, Mark, Sylvia and fritz the blitz who came to support us a little. Sometimes Silvana and Mark of the
woog-riots were singing and rapping.


This was very nice of you. Also I must say there were many people having fun in joining us on the mike or at the keyboards which was a real gift. Let’s see wether we can handle this better next time.

See you Tomorrow!!!!!!

Tomorrow (December, 28th 2007) we‘re gonna rock the bus!

Come to Darmstadt and join The Night of the Clubs (Nacht der Clubs), drink too much for enjoying Glorian Holtzweyhg and Johnny Weltraum in the Shuttlebus. Also there are other events where you should go under all circumstances. You won‘t regret!

Come on over!!HERE‘S THE LINE-UP:

Concrete Jungle + DJ Peter Lemon – Centralstation

Royal Rollex Boys + DJs Aloha from Hell – Goldene Krone

Cargo City + DJ Flo Hitmachine – Linie Neun

Mambo Kurt + DJ Public – Stella

Phil Fill + DJ Daniele – Schlosskeller

Phunk Mob + DJ Sonix + DJ Procacci – 603qm

Johnny Weltraum + Glorian Holtzweyhg – Shuttlebus

The event starts at 10:00 pm.

Egotronic – „Lustprinzip“ (pleasure principal) clip finished!!

After a long time working on the videoclip for the Egotronic song „Lustprinzip“, it has been finalized and published in youtube. Look at it and convince yourself. To my opinion it is a little too trashy and I would have loved a more professional work in the cuts (synchronicity) and the audiotrack (that sometimes for any pupose stops for miliseconds). Too there seems to be not the right illumination-level in the indoor-scenes. All in all, it could have been done better, but in defence I have to mention, that it’s a real low-low-low-budget-production.

Jenseits von Eden“ (beyond eden) finished

As I guessed, we could only finish one song last evening. You will soon get to hear it on torsuns blog. We had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s another well done cover-version (sorry, it’s only in german).

New Songs for Egotronic and Funktionaries

1. Torsun has arrived yesterday. Schemes are afoot to finish the afterhour-version of the egotronic-song „Raven gegen Deutschland“ (raving against germany) and a cover-version of Nino de Angelos „Jenseits von Eden“ (beyond eden) is prepared. I‘m confident that we can finish the mentioned songs today. Perhaps we will finish the rampue-song „Buecher“ (books), too. All in one evening … this leaves many doubts about that we can handle it today.

2. Also the first two songs of the project „the funktionaries“ which (see articles below) are Glorian Holztweyhg and Johnny weltraum are on the best way to be finished.

3. After this is done, I hope a friend of mine will visit me from gijon. It’s Frank Rudow, who plays in the marvelous project manta ray and many other sideprojects which is an open secret. I will lift the secret in another article, where you get all the links you need, cause my time is narrow this evening, as you sure might have guessed. If yours is not, watch the livegig of manta ray below…

…or just visit their homepage.