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New Kania Tieffer Album out Now!


Haven‘t heard it yet, but the first album was so asskicking good, that I strongly recommend her new one UHH!! And…If you get the chance to see her any place where you are, go and DO IT!! She does the best one-woman-show I‘ve ever seen!! I never thought, I would be going to be a fan anymore. Now I AM a fan of two bands at once: Bratze and Kania Tieffer. Listen to 4 of her tracks here DO IT! JOHNNY WELTRAUM FORCES YOU TO DO SO!!!

After all! Egotronic running on Radio Fritz!

Fritz Radio

Fritz Livestream for Windows Media Player

Against all expectations, the new Deichkind „Remmidemmi“-Ketamix of Egotronic will be played on Radio Fritz in Berlin, what is to my opinion a very brave and clever decision. You can listen to the track here. If you are a citizen of Berlin and owner of a radio-device, you can also tune it on

1. 102,6 MHz
2. in Prignitz: 103,1 MHz
3. in the Uckermark: 100,1 MHz
4. in Märkisch-Oderland: 101,5 MHz
5. in Teltow-Fläming: 91,9 MHz
6. in the Oberspreewald-Lausitz: 103,2 MHz


on cable-network Berlin: 89,85 MHz
and Potsdam: 95,65 MHz

At November 29th, the song will be in the rotation at 06:05 am, 09:05 am, 11:05 am, 2:05 pm, 4:05 pm

so wake up before 4 pm, got me?

Back again! Radio Dazed!

Sorrysorrysorry. Forgive me, please! My Computer crashed last month and so I have to continue one and a half month later..with a new and bigger CPU. Meanwhile Torsun and I made two tracks. One with the Egotronic-Afterhour project and another one for Egotronic. The last mentioned is especially meant for Deichkind and got into a remix contest at Fritz Radio but was disregarded until today. I hope it will be somewhen in future, but I think the text is too hard to play it in radio. A third and a forth track is still work in progress, because during this and next week, I will have to make Jingles and Trailers for Radio Darmstadt and Radio Unerhört Marburg.

You have to be a little more patient until this job is finshed. During this time, amuse yourself with this:

Studio Braun DVD – MyVideo

It’s the advert for the new Studio Braun Release „Ein Jübiläum feiert Geburtstag“ which is a must have.