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Johnny Weltraum – „Moon Disco“

The title of the forthcoming Johnny Weltraum sound carrier will be „Moon Disco“. The order of titles is still undefined. I‘ll fix that tomorrow. How about this cover?


You can now listen to some of the tracks of my new CD-Release. Still there are some tracks missing. That’s my surprise for all visitors of the BRATZE and EGOTRONIC release parties. „It’s all Disco“ still appears as a snippet. The other tracks are all available in full length 320kbps-mp3-files. You can also participate in finding a title for the CD!! There’s just 4 days left to do. So hurry up and leave a comment!

Click the player on the right to listen to the new Johnny Weltraum-Tracks.


Today I finished „What’s love?“. I still felt ill this time, but I promise I did my very best to make this song rock the floor. „What’s love?“ is a little like two stories, but it’s a less serious song. It’s a dull techno-track with a stupid text that explains itself, if you‘re listening to it. If you want to listen to it, come to the bratze and egotronic release-parties (see below) and buy my CDs for 5 Euros the piece. If it’s mastered it will be available as snipped. YOU CAN ORDER THE CD HERE

Bratze and Egotronic Release Party

The mix of „Meine Sonnenbrille (morning smoke mix)“ is ready now.

What’s Love?

What's Love?

A new song called „What’s love?“ is on the way. It will be available on the release parties of Bratze and Egotronic, but I‘m still working on it. Nothing left to say today.

It’s all Disco

It's all Disco!
Disco has an old story. The first european swing-clubs which included DJs were discovered in Paris during german occupation in World War II. Swing-music and dancing to it was forbidden and because of records were easier to hide than bands, the clubs played vinyl or shellac instead. (source: DJ Culture by Ulf Poschardt ISBN 3-8077-0334-9) So you can say Disco in Europe has old anti-german roots, what still seems sympathic, ain‘t it? This is just one political reason for why I‘m doing disco-music. You can now discover many others in my new track-snippet of

„It’s all Disco“